Q: Why does it take 4-6 weeks to ship a part?

A: At Renegade Motorsports, every part we produce is made to order.  Composite component fabrication is a very involved process, and countless man hours are spent ensuring that every product leaving our facility is flawless.

Q: Are your carbon fiber parts 100% carbon?

A: All of our products are engineered to provide the optimal solution for each individual application.  As such, some of our parts utilize an aerospace grade foam core to increase stiffness without substantially increasing weight.  Some manufacturers choose to utilize carbon fiber laminates only on the outer layer and then bulk the laminate with fiberglass; all of our carbon fiber laminate layers will consist of 100% carbon fabric with no fiberglass filler.

Q: Can I return my part?

A: All of our parts are covered by our one year warranty.  We will accept returns of undamaged parts within 30 days of receiving, however a 20% charge of the purchase cost plus return shipping is required.

Q: Are custom finishes, colors and coatings available?

A: All of our parts are made to order, so as the original manufacturer of the parts, we can apply almost any coating, color or finish that a customer requests.  Please send an email to sales@renegade-motorsports.com with your requests or questions and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Custom orders do not qualify for returns are all sales are final.

Q: Do you accept sponsorships?

A: We are currently accepting sponsorships, please contact us to inquire.

Q: Are all of your products 100% American made?

A: We source 100% of our raw materials and hardware from American based suppliers.  All of our products are produced in our West Palm Beach, FL manufacturing facility.

Q: Do vortex generators actually work?

A: Yes.  See graphic below to explain the process.

Our vortex generator design, while unconventional for the automotive industry, is based upon NASA research,

that was conducted to reduce drag on tractor trailers.  The majority of the drag on an automobile is caused by the airflow separating from the rear window of the car which causes a low pressure bubble that sucks the car backwards. The vortex generator energizes the flow closest to the surface of the car so that it stays attached to the surface for a longer distance down the back of the window.  The result is that the size of the low pressure bubble behind the car is reduced, therefore reducing suction/drag on the car.  A secondary, and perhaps more important effect of the vortex generator, is that the free stream air is deflected downward to provide cleaner and higher energy flow for rear mounted wings, thus increasing down force.  Most designs on the market consist of only a vertical fin that produces a weak downstream vortex resulting in minimal vortex effect.  Our wishbone design has been experimentally shown to produce two strong vortexes for each fin, thereby maximizing the vortex energy of the attached flow layer.

Q: How is the vortex generator installed on the car?

A: We spend a great deal of time and effort fabricating our products and to that end, we only trust genuine 3M VHB automotive tape to attach our vortex generators to your vehicle.  Please see our installation guide for detailed installation.