Welcome to Renegade Motorsports,

Renegade Motorsports is a new aftermarket parts manufacturer founded by former Aerospace engineers who decided to leave corporate America. We have followed our passion which has led us to design and manufacture these high performance automotive products. Our company was founded in 2015, and we have spent many long nights perfecting our designs and growing our manufacturing capabilities. Our company strives to bring the highest quality products to market, and use our experience in aerospace manufacturing to optimize our manufacturing process to provide the most value to our customers.  Everything that we do is guided by our 3 founding principles:

Superior Design

As aerospace engineers, we approach design problems with a unique perspective gained from years of designing and building parts that operate in the most challenging environments with zero tolerance for failure. Applying these cutting edge engineering principles to what we build, we have optimized material selection for corrosion resistance, along with using the latest techniques to perfect Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  Along with our software experience, we have used the computer to optimize part geometries for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. When you purchase a product from us, after you are done admiring it’s aesthetic beauty, you can rest assured that it has been designed to withstand heavy abuse and be superior to it’s OEM replacement in every way.

World Class Craftsmanship:

We are our own worst critics. Most of our experience has been in dealing with part tolerances that are a fraction of the width of a human hair. All of our products are manufactured to exacting aerospace tolerances, and no part leaves our shop without passing a rigorous product inspection. From dynamically balancing our machine spindles, to compensating for thermal part growth. Our whole manufacturing process is meticulously designed to ensure our customers receive a product that exceeds expectations in aesthetics, performance and price.

American Made:

In today’s world of corporate outsourcing, we aim to swim against the current and manufacture 100% of every product in the USA. We for one, are tired of witnessing corporate accountants figure out ways to send the jobs of hardworking Americans to foreign manufacturers. Renegade Motorsports is 100% committed to supporting our local economy, and doing our part to develop the next generation of American craftsman.

Both of us owe a huge thanks to our enthusiast community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story. Standing behind our products and our customers is crucial to our success. Customer feedback is highly appreciated, and we want to run our business as an open dialogue with our customers. Please feel free to contact us with any product concerns, improvements or custom work.


The Renegade Motorsports Team