Subaru WRX Vortex Generator


Upgrade your Aero with our exclusive wishbone fin vortex generator!

Please note: this product will only work on a WRX with a 6.2″ STARLINK antenna. In a few weeks, we will be launching one for the  WRX/STI that will perfectly fit the 7″ STARLINK antenna.

Please specify year, make, and model and color matched information at checkout. Made to order. Unless specified IN STOCK delivery can take up to 8 weeks.

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Renegade Motorsports is proud to announce our color matched fiberglass vortex generator! This product represents the culmination of several months of aerodynamic research and simulation. Our unique wishbone shaped vortex generator creates two powerful vortices that energize airflow and allow it to stay attached to the rear window. This results in lower suction drag and greater down force on rear mounted wings . The figure below is a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) comparison of flow streamlines between the Renegade Motorsports Wishbone Fin and an OEM style Straight Fin. Note the greatly enhanced vortex shedding present on the wishbone design. This larger vortex facilitates greater turbulent mixing of the boundary layer, which is the layer of airflow closest to the car surface. Since the boundary layer downstream of the vortex generator has a fresh injection of energy, it will be more apt to follow the curvature of the rear window and stay attached to the surface of the car for longer. This affect is akin to adding dimples on a golf ball to reduce drag

Our vortex generator is designed to fit any 2015+ WRX with a 6.2” antenna. We have made several fitment improvements over the OEM vortex generator. Our vortex generator spans the full width of the rear window, and aligns perfectly with the roof seam edge. We also significantly reduced the clearance around the antenna to provide a tighter fit.

Installation couldn’t be simpler! Each vortex generator comes with pre applied 3M Very High Bond double sided tape.  All you need to do is remove the red protective covering and press it into position. Cleaning the area thoroughly with Isopropyl Alcohol prior to installation will ensure a perfect bond.

Only Renegade Motorsports has a wishbone fin Vortex Generator. This part is NOT made of flimsy ABS plastic, All of our color matched  parts are made out of high quality fiberglass using the resin infusion technique. After demolding, the parts are painted to exactly match the factory paint codes.

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Weight 1 lbs
Composite Finish

Primed, Subaru OEM Black Paint, Subaru OEM Blue Paint, Subaru OEM Red Paint, Subaru-OEM-White Paint


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